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Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a software system for creating and editing documents or similar content using participatory techniques …

The preparation of a website is a modern asset management technique that has become a necessity for many organizations of the international platform. Today, content management systems have become a divided software industry and include many open source projects with the products of many software vendors.

The CMS is a set of processes for managing workflows in collaborative environments. These operations can be manual or computerized. These operations are designed to provide the following.

Enable a large number of people to access and modify shared data
Ensure that the privileges defined by the role are granted for the data being accessed,
To facilitate the storage and reading of data,
Provide the necessary environment to reduce the number of repeated and repeated data,
To facilitate the writing of reports,
Ensure increased communication between users

The data can be anything in a CMS. Documents, films, images, phone numbers, scientific data, etc. CMS is often used to record, control and revise (enrich) and publish data. The center runs in a data warehouse and adds version information to recently added files. Adding version information is one of the main benefits of the content management system.

The CMS definition was first used for the website preparation and management function. Previously, many organizations developed software for their own purposes. The idea that these small web-based regulatory systems could constitute a market was first introduced in 1995 when CNET, which still has the most saturated content group, signed an agreement with Vignette to develop its own system of content management. Thus, Vignette has made the concept of content management systems a sector. Over time, portal systems, wiki systems, web-based groupware, etc. The industry which is divided into sub-branches is still developing today. Source Wiki …